Agent Provocateur – Short Rambles of Why I Love Women

I don’t want to sound like a complete douche-bag, but one of the many reasons why I spend so much of my time working for FN Magazine is simply because I LOVE WOMEN.

It’s the sexual energy they bring to my soul. I can’t really put it into words… it’s more so a sense of totally irresistible to most men, this is the energy a woman put out when she wants to “put out.” From a man’s point of view, “If a woman thinks she is sexy, she is!”

The down-side to this one… it’s almost impossible to be at your sexy best if you’re exhausted, stressed and worn down.

Clearly the woman in the video titled “Agent Provocateur” is not of that.

The balancing act for all modern women, right? Finding the right balance between getting it all done and taking good enough care of yourself that you don’t look like a worn out Raggedy Ann doll while doing it.

Any ways, stop reading my rambles and enjoy the eye candy from Esquire UK.




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