LN-CC: Our Exquisite Corpse Beaded Skulls

London-based store LN-CC now stock these pretty unbelievable all-over beaded skulls by Our Exquisite Corpse.

OEC worked with the Huichol people of Mexico to create these individually crafted ornaments, which feature patterns and colours unique to each piece.

The Huichol people live in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Western Mexico and have a long history of creating beaded art. The skulls are cast from resin and are hand-beaded on a layer of wax (keep them away from hot window sills!).

The collection is very limited and is very much treasured by the community that made them – I have a huge admiration for their creative talent and spirit.

Take a better look at the shots below, and head over to the LN-CC store for more info on how to buy.

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