Li-Ning or Bi-ting?

Li-Ning announced the so-called bizarre partnership with Dwayne wade of the Miami Heat October 10th, 2012.

Flash told the Associated Press that he expects the Li-Ning deal to spam throughout the rest of his playing career.

Recognizing himself as an “anti-status-quo-guy” allowed D-wade to follow alternative business ventures; in removing himself from Nike and it’s two subdivisions Converse and Brand Jordan.

Dwayne Wade wore Converse his rookie year out of Marquette for an eventual six years, before moving on to Brand Jordan for the past three.

Li-Ning, an actual Chinese Olympic champion gymnast, (retired from competition in 1988) lends his surname to his proprietary brand. Li-Ning as a brand, has an opportunity with D-wade in-tow, to corner an excellent international market. The only concern is the lack of novel originality.

I wonder if Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight truly imagined setting an unshakable example by producing revolutionary Nike products while continually pushing the limits of marketability?

The unfortunate result to the Piety & brand chauvinism that is Nike co- is the inevitable, almost inescapable guarantee that Nikes Innovation would become another companies inspiration.

From what angle or vantage could such a trend be considered? Maybe the purloinment is justified…

Imaginatively, could this be synchronicity’s essential “shoe karma”? Where, because supposed Air Jordan martyrs perished subsequent to aggressive shoe-size questioning from various hood overlords & novice crooks? People killing people, literally, dying to look fresh.

As the designer, is there any consequence for creating such materialistic hysteria? Maybe so, maybe the fallout becomes the eventual copy-catting, dubbing, mix-taping & etc. This concept promises the possibility that there exists some forgiveness or amnesty for the plague of Nike plagiarists.

But that’s bedside the point… although infinitely curious to ponder..

But there is a certain lost in translation curve of acceptable inspiration, versus that of stripping the most outstanding components from an iconic, trendsetting staple. Although, It doesn’t hurt Li Ning in garnering a forcible spokesman and premier athlete in Dwayne wade.

Face it. Many people have contemplated the purchase of a Nike product much longer than say, their actual prayers…

So as an imitator, knowing the omnipresent influence that Nike commands- how does it make it any easier to cope with continuing to produce borrowed schemes?

The question may never be actually answered.

Take a look for yourself, the argument may be useless, it could be that the shoes carry no resemblance whatsoever.

The initial sneaker to the signature Li-Ning dwade series begins with a melting- pot likeness that is almost discouraging to accept.
[dcs_ngg  id="131"  w="294"  h="104"  number="5"  random="true"  bshow="false"  margin="0px 0px 2px 0px"  group="Canon EOS 6D Full-Frame"
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Here’s a short list of characteristics to start your own investigation of whether or not the said features are ripped.

[dcs_ul_list type=”squ-black”]

  • First are appearances of what seems to be a Lebron six midsole, forefoot and heel
  • The wide serrated appearance of the bordering lacing system- borrows much of its root from Air Jordan X’s
  • The wrapped patented leather of the main upper evokes testament from arguably the most beloved sneaker ever: The Air Jordan’s XI (Space Jam variants)


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