Nike Maxim Hi-Vis Ball lights up top European leagues

The the closing days of October 2012 — Europe’s leading football leagues were introduced to the Nike Maxim Hi-Vis ball. — the Premier League, Serie A and La Liga –- as the clocks go back in Europe and the winter season kicks in.

The 2012-13 Nike Maxim Hi-Vis ball features a color combination blended together in a unique way to create maximum visual performance and contrast on the pitch. Designers and engineers focused on geometric graphic and color combination on the Maxim Hi-Vis creates a strong ‘flicker’ effect to improve sight of the ball under floodlights or in low-light conditions.

Below are a list of features that the Hi-Vis Ball brings to true footballers:

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  • Nike Radar (Rapid Decision and Response)
  • Hand-stitched casing for craftsmanship and durabilit
  • Durable, lightweight PU casing with micro-grooves stabilizes ball flight to increase efficiency and accuracy;
  • Flexible, supple, cross-linked nitrogen-expanded foam provides superior “touch” and a consistent feel in all weather conditions;
  • Engineered rubber response layer helps store energy from impact and releases it at launch for enhanced power and speed;
  • A layer of polyester support fabric enhances the structure and stability of the ball for long-term performance and durability.

Article Source: Nike, Inc.

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