Gangland by OKI-NI

Gangland by OKI-NI

OKI-NI was founded in September 2001 with the goal of developing and working with established brands and progressive designers, to potentially offer innovative products to knowledgeable fashion consumers.

OKI-NI created an visual editorial serials called STYLED which is produced by OKI-NI‘s creative team in collaboration with a large range of guest talent as mention before. The Styled Series by OKI-NI is simply the coming together of creative like-minded individuals to present the world with a unique compelling vision.

Moving Along…. This iteration is Gangland

As the long winter nights draw in and the temperature brings to drop, groups of young men choose to trade the street corner or park for the warmth of a bar, pool hall or cinema. At this time of year social circles tighten and cliques form, as activities move inside and underground.

Let us know what you think of the visual constructs.

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