First look in to Bandari’s Winter/Fall collection 2013

One piece of garment that is a must have in everyone’s wardrobe is the simply chic bow tie. One of the Top Brands this season is the incredibly exclusive Bandari collection made by a group of passionate menswear aficionados. These Boston natives have taken the once traditional black bow tie and transformed it into a savvy new piece.This unique brand of bow ties is making a hot new input  up and down the East Coast. Taking the perfect blend of textiles and color schemes to create such a ecliptic piece of garment. Each of Bandari bows has a chic vintage print giving each suit and apparel a bold and Unique look. Taken a look into Bandari’s collection this season I noticed that this brand has a wide-spread of versatile prints.
 from the streets of Times Square in Manhattan to the busy corporate  outings in Brickell Downtown Miami this collection is surely making its mark. Bandari bows  are a fresh and funky yet sophisticated piece of attire.

These bow ties are a definite must have this season. Each of Bandari bows are custom made with time and precision. Every bow is hand crafted to unique form. Also each of the bow ties are made with an free-form adjustable back which makes it easy for Devine comfort.The Bandari bow is Made from 100% vintage Japanese Kimono silk woven chirimen,giving each bow a top quality finish. Needless to say that Bandari designs is a brand truly for the fashionable consumer.

To purchase Bandari bow ties please visit www.shopbandari.com
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