Artist Profiles: Art Mastermind XVI

Artist Profiles: Art Mastermind XVI

One of Brooklyn’s best keep secrets is fresh Art Mastermind Roosevelt Hewitt known as “XVI”, has been the great design behind many of the industries top Branding in art. This Brooklyn native is known in the Art World for his extremely great Pieces of Inspirational artwork. Raised by Barbados born parents XVI has used his Caribbean background and architectural schooling to help influence his artistic drive.

Growing up as a kid XVI was known to draw before he could even talk.Using his New York city street smarts and great up bring XVI took another direction from the Tough streets of Brooklyn into the world of arts. As a kid XVI loved to Draw Comics. This creative mind started Making his own unique characters and tales. Soon the young artist found his calling taking the sketches he had on paper and notebooks and evolving it to the breath taking pieces on Canvas.

Now taking it to the next Level XVI has designed sketch work for Jewelry designers. Sketching Custom made pieces for his Clients Jewelry layout.Much of his work has gain recognition. If you are looking for a creative unique piece this artist can create your vision.

Being sought out for his great work XVI has surely become the hot new commodity.
Now of days XVI is the go to guy for design.  Designers seek out the Ghost artist to help them with print designs and also building logos for their brand. With the growing market in Screen Tees and T-shirt distributing the artist makes sure to put his all into his master pieces.With his broad range in Art XVI is surely the guy to see.

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What are your views on today’s fashion???

“I love fashion. It’s constantly changing.seeing the different mesh of colors and prints gives great inspiration of individuality. I think its Fresh. its like people are wearing walking canvases.”

So how did you get started in the Art world???

“My love for art has been there since day one. I always had an eye for it. Plus I was really good at it. Lol but seriously It took off really by word of mouth. One person seen my work and it flew off from there.”

Three words that would you define most of your work??

Past, Present, and Future

What are your favorite colors to work with and why???

“Wow lets see…..well as a Artist It depends on the mood and the feel of the project. I don’t like to restrict myself to my pallet but if I was to say it would be metallics.”

Where can readers see and purchase your work???

Via email mindseyexvi@yahoo.com


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