A Different Perspective: Natasha Kai

A Different Perspective: Natasha Kai
Soccer as a sport and American society norm have slowly been gaining traction in the United States. Over the years it has been the high profile celebrity athletes off the field lime-lighting that has Americans yearning to become the next Messi, Ronaldo, and female stars such as Natasha Kai. If you’ve ever been to a game, you’re sure to know that soccer players generally blur together on the pitch. Forget the idea of actually being able to read their numbers or names of their kits; those elements are for the most part reduced to a trails of color streaks matching the teams jersey. Maybe this why soccer players try to individualize themselves with crazy hairstyles, funky socks, and in the case of Natasha Kai; beautiful tattoos.

Natasha Kai isn’t known for going crazy in social reckless shenanigans; rather it’s her time spent in tattoo parlors, along with her amazing skills in soccer that make her stand out in my eye.

Received her first tattoo as a result of a dare at the age of 19, Kai fell in bliss with the creative art form as it was another gateway for her freedom of expression which she needed to fully convey to the world. She now have several tattoos, mimicking the other women I love such as Jessica Clark which you can read about about in our “The Hundreds Magazine” article.

One of Kai’s tattoos draws inspiration from soccer. “It’s the word believe in Chinese with God’s hands around it,” Kai says. “At the Beijing Olympics we knew that if we believed in each other and played hard, we would win.” They took home the gold over the vaunted Brazilian squadron.

Natasha Kai 300x404Natasha Kai has become one of the most recognized female soccer players in the world after her National Team debut at the Algarve Cup in Portugal in 2006.

The majority of Kai’s tattoos were done by artist in her native country of Hawaii. She has a Polynesian tattoo full arm sleeve on her right arm, two turtles which are indigenous to her island on her back, and the state flower which is on her right shoulder.

Wrapping this up I leave you guys with a quote from Natasha Kai:

“It doesn’t matter where you come from. I’m from a small island but I feel free on the field,” Kai says. “When I’m out there [on the field] it’s my domain, I have no worries, and I play hard. Play with your heart and you’ll be unstoppable.”

Credit: Jonathan Pushnik (Photographer)

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