Akomplice Clothing Spring 2013 T-Shirts

Akomplice Clothing Spring 2013 T-Shirts

The latest t-shirt and snapback drop from Akomplice continues in a long legacy of ripe satirical commentary that the brand has become lauded for. One of the more striking pieces within the collection is the WackDonald’s tee which posts Grimace as a cow in a field ravaged by deforestation. Known for holding no punches when it comes to matters of the environment, Akomplice heightens by going beyond the graphic and explaining how chain restaurants serve as a major cause of deforestation. Another thought provoking graphic comes in the form of Mickey Mouse cut down by a mouse trap which is the seminal piece in an upcoming series dubbed “what if they were real.”

Known for their thought provoking graphics and messages, Akomplice drops their Timeless tee showing a peek into the space time continuum and professing “time is an illusion.” While some tees bear slightly subliminal messages others allow for the message to rest right on the surface as with the “High Fashion is for Suckers” tee. Not even Waldo is spared from Akomplice’s satire as he’s depicted joint smoking, AK chain rocking and bird flipping when the pocket is pulled down. In addition to the subversive designs, Akomplice also introduces a range of cammo and South American inspired snapbacks and 5 panels all of which will be available Thursday, May 15th on their online store.

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