Arrested Development returns with a bang to Netflix

Arrested Development returns with a bang to Netflix

This past Sunday, Netflix released a fourth season of the popular show Arrested Development, with the entire 15 episode season immediately available for streaming. Netflix has found some success in their original programming with shows like House of Cards, but their semi-original series starring the Bluth family trumped Kevin Spacey’s political drama, with twice as many viewers upon release. 

Sure, AD already had an established fan base, but nonetheless, it is still extremely impressive. When a show disappears for as long as this did, anything can happen. People can become disinterested, give up, find a new show, but instead they game back, and they came back strong.

This season has a little different feel to it for sure, but what can you expect when six years pass? It isn’t perfect, but it is still very, very good.

They also have taken a Skins-like approach, with each episode revolving around a different main character, starting with “this is _____’s Arrested Development”, with the name changing each episode. The characters still seem true, and there are surely a lot of laughs. I just finished streaming the 15 episodes, and I definitely plan on re-watching to see what I missed (tons of references to the previous three seasons).

If we’ve seen anything from this, it is that fans can save their show. They did it with Community recently, and now with Arrested Development. I just hope that with the success of this new season, Netflix will order some more episodes. Because, as we all know, there’s always money in the banana stand.


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