BMW Pininfarini Gran Lusso Coupe

BMW Pininfarini Gran Lusso Coupe

The very first collaboration between luxury car makers BMW and Italian design firm Pininfarina comes to a reality in the form of the new BMW Pininfarini Gran Lusso Coupe. Revealed at this year’s Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, the new automotive design represents the best of what both companies have to offer. According to Pininfarina head of design Fabio Filippini:

“The result of this cooperative venture is far greater than the sum of its parts. When two such tradition-rich and experienced brands join forces to turn a vision into reality, something utterly new and exciting emerges. From start to finish, this project was defined by a mutual respect for the identity of the other company.”

Featuring a extended, aggressive appeal thanks to an elongated wheelbase, sharp cuts on the exterior body and continued throughout, the premium Gran Lusso Coupe sees unique exaggerations and modification to its typically round headlights and signature grill – thus pushing the car’s bold aesthetic to new heights. Under the hood sits a monstrous V12  engine which is sure to peel the pavement and turn heads. For the interior BMW & Pininfarini maintains their luxurious interior standards with a gorgeous cockpit design and room for four with Foglizzo leather, 48,000-year-old kauri wood from New Zealand, a patterned virgin wool headliner, and a combination of white LEDs and brown accents throughout the predominately black color scheme.

Do you think this design could shape the future of all BMW designs? Do you even like the new BMW Pininfarini Gran Lusso Coupe? Well they for sure could have gone down worst paths then this amazing vehicle.

Visit the Pininfarini website to take a more in-depth look at this panty dropper monster Gran Lusso Coupe: HERE.

 BMW Pininfarini Gran Lusso Coupe Left Side View BMW Pininfarini Gran Lusso Coupe Right Side View BMW Pininfarini Gran Lusso Coupe Rear View

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