Microsoft Unveils next Generation Console Xbox One

Microsoft Unveils next Generation Console Xbox One

xbox oneAfter months and months of rumors, software giant Microsoft showed off their latest move in the gaming industry with the third generation Xbox console, titled Xbox One.

From the little we saw yesterday, it seems Microsoft has really raised the bar when it comes to home consoles. Not only will this new Xbox play standard video games like its predecessor, but they have also revamped their hands free device known as the Kinect. Not only can you use the Kinect to play games and workout without the use of a controller, but it also responds to updated voice commands, haptic cues and it can even wirelessly detect your heart rate for use in fitness games.

The new console aims to integrate every form of media in your house, allowing you to seamlessly control your television, music, video games and NetFlix account.

Microsoft has not released a lot of information regarding what games we will see aside from a list of titles, but a big exclusive trailer for the next installment in the Call of Duty franchise, titled Ghosts, was shown yesterday during the event.


Major questions are still left unanswered, such as pricing and release date, but from what Microsoft has shown so far, there is definitiely plenty of exciting information to come in the weeks leading up to E3. More information can be found from this rundown by IGN. 

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