Vampire Weekend’s Third Album Released Today

Vampire Weekend’s Third Album Released Today

The third studio album released by Vampire Weekend titled Modern Vampires of the City is officially out for sale today.

The New York City band, lead by Ezra Koenig, has delivered again with their unique sound that has been pulling in fans since their debut album in 2008.

Vampire Weekend’s Third album is 13 tracks long, listed below:

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  • 1.”Obvious Bicycle”
  • 2.”Unbelievers”
  • 3.”Step”
  • 4.”Diane Young”
  • 5.”Don’t Lie”
  • 6.”Hannah Hunt”
  • 7.”Everlasting Arms”
  • 8.”Finger Back”
  • 9.”Worship You”
  • 10.”Ya Hey”
  • 11.”Hudson”
  • 12.”Young Lion”


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Vampire Weekend sticks to their roots, whilst evolving and building on their unique sound. Songs like Unbelievers, Ya Hey, and Step sound like the VW that we are used to, but influences from Rostam Batmanglij’s side project Discovery can be heard in songs like Diane Young, with a more electric sound, with a heavy use of auto-tune in the “baby, baby”.

The album isn’t yet available for streaming on Spotify, but according to the bands AMA on Reddit today, it should be available in the coming weeks. In the meantime, it looks like you’ll have to shell out some cash if you can’t wait for the bootleggers to upload it to youtube.

In my opinion, it is definitely worth the buy. Even if you haven’t heard much of their stuff, this band is a unique and refreshing sound in  indie rock.

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