Facebook announces video integration into Instagram

Facebook announces video integration into Instagram

At a press conference today, founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, announced Instagram will be adding a new feature to their image uploading service.

Users will now be able to capture 15 second video clips, with a choice of thirteen filters. The update is already available on iOS, pretty surprising seeing as it was just announced.

This is definitely a cool development for Instragram, in that it will allow slightly longer videos than the popular Vine app. Also, the videos can easily be posted to timelines on Facebook.

In my opinion, this won’t hurt Vine too much. Vine is unique in that the videos are only 6 seconds long, and on a loop, which allows for some very cool and creative posts. Almost like GIFs with sound.

If anyone will suffer from this development, it is likely the video uploading service Tout, which also allows users to record up to 15 seconds. Touts one saving grace? They have a major deal with World Wresting Entertainment.

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