Leaked photos show the apparent iPhone 5s

Leaked photos show the apparent iPhone 5s

For the first time, it seems like we have some legitimate information about the next iPhone. Speculation on the internet pointed to various features, and a major leap forward in smartphone technology, but it seems in normal Apple fashion, the next model will only have minor tweaks.

According to Mashable and Macrumors.com, the new model will boast a larger flash, an increase in battery, going from 5.45 to 5.92 watt-hours, as well as a higher resolution camera.

Sure, these are nice touches, but if you are like me, and really hurting to upgrade your phone, it seems like the 5s may not be worth the wait. I’ve been struggling with a beat up HTC, and I have been putting off upgrading, in the hopes that the next iPhone would have some major new features. With the information we have so far, that doesn’t appear to be the situation, so now is a good of a time as any to get the 5.

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