#TBT Video: From “No New Friends” To “Hypnotize”

#TBT Video: From “No New Friends” To “Hypnotize”

On Monday June 3, 2013, DJ Khaled released the visuals for his newest made for radio cut “No New Friends,” a follow-up remix of Drake’s “Started From The Bottom” (they really just tweaked two layers of the beat and made Drake re-sing the “no new friends” part of SFTB to inject the reiteration with his R&B “I didn’t do it” voice popular among the 18 to 24 white female demographic) which is set to form part of Khaled’s forthcoming album Suffering From Success. The video for NNF had no need of big booties, champagne, gold chains, weird silk shirts, and helicopters/cars. In other words, it followed all the basic tenants of making a mainstream rap video in America.

drake-dadaWhat makes the visuals just a little more special, then, wasn’t its cue to hackneyed hip-hop themes (although you’ll see later on the gravity of this), but, rather, its deliberate flashback to the 90’s. It’s set in the year 1996, emphasizing the single’s been-down-with-my-day-ones theme, and as we get footage of OVO, MMG, and YMCB representatives getting weird in Miami, I can’t help but think back to the iconic 1997 video for Biggie’s wildly popular club hit “Hypnotize.” It already did what NNF did but even better, taking, well, big booties, champagne, gold chains, weird silk shirts, and helicopters/cars to Miami in 1997. The rap video is often a forgotten component in the hip-hop dialogue, so in honor of summer flirting its imminent arrival, and #TBT of course, let’s take it back to one of the greatest summer joints (and accompanying videos) our eyes and ears feasted on.

Biggie – Hypnotize


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