Diet Butcher Slim Skin 2015 fall/winter collection

Diet Butcher Slim Skin 2015 fall/winter collection

We may only still be in spring but that does not stop Japan-based fashion house Diet Butcher Slim Slim. They clearly have been putting fantastic work as we can tell, because they have unveiled they’re latest collection for the 2015 fall/winter season.

Where did these bright work of art upon these apparel come from? By studying and drawing inspiration from photographer and filmmaker Gregory Colbert’s works. The meshing of shadow and light is quite indisputable throughout the realm by linking hard and soft textures. As well as the usage of a monochrome palette.

A selection of distinctive knitted wear is combined with distress denim, tapered trousers and more loose-fitting lounge wear. The brand’s boots and hightop sneakers are also included in the offering. Have a gander online at Zozotown where the brand’s fall/winter collection is located.


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