The Stars of Paris-Salzburg Chanel 2015 Campaign

The Stars of Paris-Salzburg Chanel 2015 Campaign

From performing a duet together, to now becoming the stars for the Chanel 2015 “Paris-Salzburg” campaign, Pharrell and Cara Delevigne couldn’t have looked any less amazing.

Of course who could possibly manage to not see the beyond adorable godson of Karl Lagerfield, Hudson Kroeing. These three, including Lagerfields impeccable use to make fashion look like such art is quite breathtaking if you ask me. His work was even more remarkable, when the trio appeared in the Lagerfield-directed short film “Reincarnation.” Lederhosen and loden coats seemed to be the entree on the menu.

Along with tailored pieces and Pharrell’s cardigan seems to bear some snowy blossom embroidery. Looks as if the gift that runs through Karl Lagerfield’s Austrian blood has taken a fabulous toll.


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