Studio Album dedicated to A$AP Yams

Studio Album dedicated to A$AP Yams

The A$AP Mob has gone through a quite rough time with the lost of their friend and brother A$AP Yams. It’s been especially hard for the face of the crew, A$AP Rocky. While in the middle of his performance at the Sundance Film Festival, he performed two songs and unexpectedly ran off the stage.

The last song in which he was performing was indeed dedicated to A$AP Yams, which as you can tell could have been quite difficult for A$AP Rocky to perform. Despite the death and all the tough times the A$AP Mob has endured, A$AP Rocky has unveiled the cover art of his upcoming studio album.

The cover art for the album ‘At.Long.Last.A$AP’, pictures the face of the late A$AP Yams alongside A$AP Rocky’s face both morphed into one face. A$AP Yams birthmark serves as the sole source of color from the black and white picture. A.L.L.A is now available for pre-order on amazon for those that are too hyped and can’t wait for June 2.







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