BMW Art Car x Andy Warhol

This year, the automotive company BMW arranged an art booth at the Hong Kong International Art Fair hosted by Art Car Program where BMW is one of the long time sponsors. It displays several of cars designed by like Jeff Koons, Frank Stella and Roy Lichtenstein to design cars for their flagship store.

Banksy: Olympic Inspired Graffiti

Found in various places around London, the pieces are classic Banksy and the messages are quite clear. One look at the child sweatshop worker sewing real Union Jack flags falling off a wall and it is obvious Banksy is calling attention to the exploitation and underbelly of the Olympic culture and the United Kingdom as a whole.

Video: WIGS x Claw Money

“WIGS” is a Youtube channel dedicated to the lives of extraordinary women, and this time around they released the unscripted documentary on graffiti artist, Claw Money. Claw Money is a sassy-spunky graffiti artist who is not afraid to spray some magical works in the gritty streets of New York.

Shawn Huckins ‘American Revolution Revolution’ Paintings

Artist Shawn Huckins is in the midst of a new project sure to raise the eyebrows of History and Art majors alike. The twenty-eight year old artist based out of New Hampshire has embarked on a new series of paintings in which he combines art from the Revolutionary War with popular phrases and humorous phonetic lettering of our day.

Kate: The Kate Moss Book

On November 6th a retrospective from Kate Moss will be launched. This time, it will be in a book format of 368 glossy pages, by the editorial Rizzoli. The title: “Kate: The Kate Moss Book”.

Art News Mixed Media Artist: Archan Nair

Mixed Media Artist: Archan Nair

You may remember Archan Nair’s collaboration in “The Joy Ballad” from when it was featured on Kanye West’s blog a few years ago. Archan Naie has proved to have many more tricks up his sleeve. Notable affiliations have been with Nike, Vogue, Rolling Stone, Microsoft, and many others. 

The Fancy: A Better Conversation

Social photo sharing site, The Fancy manifests this theory of better conversation for it’s users, allowing them to connect via shared interests and things they may simply stumble upon as intriguing. Considering itself as “part store, blog, magazine, and wish list” The Fancy is a haven for anyone who enjoys the better things in life.

The Hundreds Magazine x Rita Ora VOL. 4 Issue 1

Bobby Hundreds has been doing work promoting the brand of his prized possession, The Hundreds streetwear line. His label blog is already known as one of the forefront sources of streetwear news and commentary, and recently he’s expanded his scope with the creation of The Hundreds Magazine, a quarterly mag that primarily focuses on highlighting up-and-coming artists, designers, musicians, etc.

Hennessy x Futura 2000

Hennessy is feeling artsy again. This time around, the cognac king is colliding with legendary New York graffitti artist, Futura. Comically dubbed as “Very Special” on the bottle’s label, art collectors and spirit Connoisseurs alike raided liquor shops across the country to snag last year’s KAWS edition collaboration.