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Two Of The Best From The Westside: ‘RaelBlz’ Album Review

Provisional partners in rhyme Blu and Rael J Wallace’s duel effort RaelBlz (2012), is a ten track potpourri of righteous raps and remarkable rhythms. Blu’s producer persona, Godlee Barnes is solely responsible for the gratifying production. Wallace hails from San Diego and Blu Los Angeles and RaelBlz reflects the positive vibes and chillness of California while delivering pure inventiveness.

Featured: Top Ten Hip Hop Albums of 2001

Featured: Top Ten Hip Hop Albums of 2001

Eleven years ago hip-hop was the host of a genesis, an abundance of skilled emcees gained critical acclaim for producing immaculate musical works. 2001 was the year in the millennium in which lyricism was praised and practiced throughout rap music and in case you missed the beauty of it all here is a peek into the cream of the crop, the top ten hip-hop albums of 2001.

Nas ‘Life is Good’ – Album Review

For fifteen years Nas has been an artist who creates bodies of work by pouring the raw emotions in his heart out over fresh hip hop beats. Several stand out songs on his teenage memoir Illmatic (1994) were geared towards his troubles, focusing on growing up in a hellish Queens housing project. ‘Life is Good’ (2012) is no exception.