Entertainment Grand Theft Auto V Official Gameplay Video

Grand Theft Auto V Official Gameplay Video

Rockstar Games releases it’s first Grand Theft Auto V Official Gameplay Video, which has been unveiled ahead of the games scheduled release date of September 17, 2013. The 4 minute clip gives us the first real look at how players will be able to drive, swim, run, and shoot your way through the carnage that we all have come to love from the grand theft auto franchise.

Entertainment Mad Max Video Game Set to Come Out Next Year

Mad Max Video Game Set to Come Out Next Year

It’s official, the best post-apocalyptic movie ever has a video game coming. Mad Max, the popular 80’s movie triology starring Mel Gibson, will finally be hitting game shelves.

Unveiled at this past week’s E3, the game will revolved around vehicular combat as well as hand-to-hand and weapons. From the limited amount of photos and information available, the game seems like it takes a page or two from Grand Theft Auto.

Entertainment New Halo revealed

New Halo revealed

Microsoft unveiled a handful of new games today for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, as well as a newer, faster and quieter Xbox model. They even announced the pricing plan for the One ($499.99), but for me, the only “Holy Sh***) moment was a quick teaser toward the end.

Bad Piggies App Coming Soon

It has been announced by Rovio that Bad Piggies will be the sequel to Angry Birds and will be available on 27th September.

The Finnish company had a hit when the popular piggy destroying game was downloaded over one

Art News GTA V Official Trailer

GTA V Official Trailer

The first trailer for the highly-anticipated Grand Theft Auto V from Rockstar Games is finally available. This minute and a half look gives viewers a peek at a sun-soaked world, where our (anti) hero seems to be resigned to a life of leisure, leaving all of the shenanigans behind him.