Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Lana Del Ray for H&M: Video Campaign Preview

By now you've probably seen the first images of the Lana Del Ray for H&M Fall campaign. Ahead of it's full premiere tomorrow (Sept 20th), here is the TV commercial of the video campaign, entitled 'Blue Velvet'.

The Best Miley Cyrus Haircut Jokes

I for one am a fan of Miley's new look, she no longer looks 15 years old, she seems far more comfortable in her own skin and it's freed

Nike’s Darrin Crescenzi Rebrands ‘Game of Thrones’

The Nike designer invests some of his personal time towards rebranding his favourite TV show and book, 'Game of Thrones'.

Justin Bieber As Guest X Factor Mentor

As if Britney Spears wasn't enough, pop sensation Justin Bieber has been spotted filming takes for the US X Factor. It is believed he will be the guest mentor joining LA Reid on an upcoming episode. Justin tweeted

Kanye West As New American Idol Judge?

With the X Factor buzzing of success in the states, American Idol are taking the judging panel to a new level. There have been rumours that Kanye West is having discussions with the producers about being a new American Idol judge, which is

A$AP Rocky First American TV Performance Debut

Everybody's favorite pretty mothafu**a' made his debut last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Backed by The Roots, A$AP Rocky performed a live rendition of his hit track "Goldie." Honestly, Rocky should consider having a live band for all of his performances. There's just something about seeing a tuba hit the song's low notes (once you check out the video you'll see what I mean).

Grimes First American TV Performance Debut

Grimes performed Genesis on the Jimmy Fallon show last night, marking her first performance on American television. Despite the small space and slightly more conservative audience than