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Last week, we gave you the Christophe Claret X-TREM-1 uber timepiece. Coupling magnetic fields with the mechanism of a watch is simply a mind-blowing feat any horologist can do. But we’re done yet with this one of a kind pieces. We show you now, the HYT H1, the first mechanical watch to be fully integrate with fluid mechanics. Yes you heard me right, in other words I give you liquid timekeeping created by the hydro mechanical horologists of HYT.

The Making of the 40th Anniversary of the Royal Oak

Since 1972, the Royal Oak has been the epitome of luxury sports watch industry. In fact, it revolutionizes the whole sports watch industry and raise it up to the standards of luxury. Inventing a whole new category of fine wristwatches. It was a feat so incredible that even the likes of Patek Philippe went ahead with their own version of the said piece.

Not Just Any Watch But A State of the Art Instrument by Sinn

One might notice that in my past few articles in my column, I had been favoring the German watches over their Swiss counterparts for quite some time already, particularly the ones from Glashütte. I admit I have grown fond of the German pieces as they provide exclusivity to the wearer and delivers the same quality, sometimes even better, than their Swiss counterparts.

A Titanium Piaget Polo45

The all new Piaget Polo 45 in full grade 5 titanium, a first titanium piece for the brand. The Polo 45 was indeed one of Piaget’s most famous luxury sportswatch. Born in 1979, in the era when Royal Oaks and Nautilus reign supreme, the Polo 45 offered something different into the table.

Top Picks for Baselworld 2012

Baselworld 2012, has come and go. Leaving watch fans around the world with awe and disappointment. Some of the pieces this year from Basel offered nothing special and are simply just re-editions of older pieces. But some rise above the others and offered something new. A refreshing way to start the 2012, with a new timepiece on our wrist.

Jaeger LeCoultre & Diane Kruger

It’s been quite some time now since I written a good ladies watch. If you’ve been following my articles lately you would have notice my appreciation for fine in-house movements. To be frank and bold, nothing and I mean nothing beats Jaeger-LeCoultre in this aspect.

Tag Heuer Will Use Seiko Parts as Swatch Cuts Deliveries

Society Original Products, a Boston-based streetwear brand, recently released the lookbook for their new hats, brought to you in partnership with New Era. There are seven brand-new designs, coming in several different colors and patterns. Additionally, this capsule collection features both snapbacks and fitteds.

Nomos-Glashütte: A Watch Brand That Deserves Recognition

When it comes to collectible, luxury timepieces, most people often resort to looking at the Swiss Watch market and seldom look the other way. Most of the Swiss watches use parts or movements from the biggest watch company in the country – The Swatch Group. With most of the luxury mechanical timepieces (if not all) ranging from $1,000 – $5,000 USD price range uses ETA movement.

Tag Heuer Carrera 80 (A Tribute to Jack Heuer’s 80th Birthday)

In the world of horology, only one lives up to the title on creating the very first automatic chronograph wrist watch in the world. Although it may be vexing to know that the title has been greatly debated between the Zenith Movado Group against Heuer et al. But one fact indeed is that the Calibre 11 created by the Heuer group had rocked the foundations of the entire wrist watch industry. Such a feat catapulted Tag Heuer to be one of the leading sports watch makers in the industry.