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Fashion adidas Originals 2013 Fall Tech Super Pack

adidas Originals 2013 Fall Tech Super Pack

Adidas Originals returns with the super popular Tech Super Pack for Fall 2013. Instituting modern design updates to its 1991 classic designs, the new Tech Super Pack is a great blend of technical cues and luxurious necessities. Adidas Originals choose to maintain the nubuck leather and suede combinations that made the show popular in the 90’s era, but opted this time around to include various print styles such as varying camouflages and a nice snakeskin print.

Mick Boogie x HYPETRAK – Represent The Stripes (MIXTAPE)

HYPETRAK has reached out to Mick Boogie to create a mixtape called Represent The Stripes exclusively for 2012 Summer Olympics. It’s part of the Adidas Originals campaign dedicated to our U.S. Olympic team – prepping with hip-hop heavy music to bring home all the gold metals.

Adidas X club Lure’s “The Do-Over”

With summer in full swing and the nightlife more lively than ever, Adidas and club Lure are giving Southern California residents one more shot at the weekend. Appropriately (and comically) titled “The Do-Over”, the newly renovated Lure in LA transforms into a day venue of epic proportions.

Adidas White Space Project

Finally, the moment is now here in the form of Adidas Originals White Space Project. Both a Spring 2012 marketing campaign and platform for self expression, Adidas Originals asked influential young women from the creative field for their own definitions of individualism and originality.