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Music News Why Yeezus Was Slightly Overrated (By Some)

Why Yeezus Was Slightly Overrated (By Some)

Whenever an artist as bombastic as Kanye West (please refer to him as Yeezus) releases an updated piece of artwork in their medium, it usually spawns an impromptu Internet delirium by/for aficionados itching to get a taste of the pie. Multiply this by a hundred when, as is usually the case in hip-hop, factors like unanticipated leaks just shy of intended release dates and carefully planned marketing tactics mend together to fire up the tension and anticipation for said artwork.

Art News Artist Profiles: Art Mastermind XVI

Artist Profiles: Art Mastermind XVI

One of Brooklyn’s best keep secrets is fresh Art Mastermind Roosevelt Hewitt known as “XVI”, has been the great design behind many of the industries top Branding in art. This Brooklyn native is known in the Art World for his extremely great Pieces of Inspirational art.

Collections Lacoste – Live in the Moment

Lacoste – Live in the Moment

Lacoste is, beyond any doubt, a historical part of the fashion and sports industries. The company was founded in 1933 by French tennis player, Jean René Lacoste, and the “crocodile” has then since paved the way for sportswear.

Editorial Mac Niffy Interview

Mac Niffy Interview

As usual, I wore my poker face to listen to the performances the new artist presented, however that quickly changed when a New Orleans based artist began to control the stage

We Will Never Forget September 11th

We Will Never Forget September 11th

More than a decade after the September 11, 2001 attacks, America remembers those who were lost on the tragic day. Though articles like such don’t commonly appear on Fashion Nerrd, we felt it necessary to take the time out of our regular trends and bow our head.

Entertainment Wishful Thinking The Event – Unite the biggest female alter egos on one stage

Wishful Thinking The Event – Unite the biggest female alter egos on one stage

What exactly would it take to unite the biggest female alter egos on one stage-showcasing new material collaboratively?

Allow me to to suggest: Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Rihanna & Lady Gaga.

Admittedly, I’d second-guess the idea of writing the fact that I’d been to a ladies concert even if I had- but that doesn’t keep me from being tantalized by the gyrating force that is Sasha Fierce. I can, however, admit that I peer at digital images staring into Katy Perry’s eyes and I’m not completely sure if she’s human- Nicki has reluctantly morphed into an actual anime Illustration- and I’m overall convinced that Lady Gaga is a chosen spawn sent to engulf us all with her gospel.. Not that sensationalism pursues Rihanna… I just believe she’s popular. I couldn’t be lonesome in my wandering thoughts could I?

Two Of The Best From The Westside: ‘RaelBlz’ Album Review

Provisional partners in rhyme Blu and Rael J Wallace’s duel effort RaelBlz (2012), is a ten track potpourri of righteous raps and remarkable rhythms. Blu’s producer persona, Godlee Barnes is solely responsible for the gratifying production. Wallace hails from San Diego and Blu Los Angeles and RaelBlz reflects the positive vibes and chillness of California while delivering pure inventiveness.