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Art News Artist Profiles: Art Mastermind XVI

Artist Profiles: Art Mastermind XVI

One of Brooklyn’s best keep secrets is fresh Art Mastermind Roosevelt Hewitt known as “XVI”, has been the great design behind many of the industries top Branding in art. This Brooklyn native is known in the Art World for his extremely great Pieces of Inspirational art.

Jay-Z Releasing Live In Brooklyn EP

This evening, Jay-Z will finish his sold-out, eight-night residency at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. However, a portion of the concert will be immortalized forever, as the rapper is releasing a live “optic” EP on Tuesday.

R.I.P.: Hip Hop Mogul Chris Lighty

While the hip hop community bemoans the loss of yet another important figure in the industry, the words of Fat Joe and others remind all of us of this man’s enduring impact, perhaps best summed up by Complex’s Rob Kenner: “Chris Lighty’s life and career represents all the best that hip-hop had to offer”.

Meek Mill & Lupe Fiasco Both Criticize Modern Rap Music

The subject is nothing new: Statements that denounce today’s hip hop music as being soulless, mindless, and shallow are sentiments that are shared daily on message boards, social media networks, and the comments section of Youtube videos. Still, it’s not a topic that today’s musicians often comment on publicly, generally speaking.

Featured: Top Ten Hip Hop Albums of 2001

Featured: Top Ten Hip Hop Albums of 2001

Eleven years ago hip-hop was the host of a genesis, an abundance of skilled emcees gained critical acclaim for producing immaculate musical works. 2001 was the year in the millennium in which lyricism was praised and practiced throughout rap music and in case you missed the beauty of it all here is a peek into the cream of the crop, the top ten hip-hop albums of 2001.

2 CHAINZ: Based on A T.R.U. Story (Tracklist) UPDATE!

Yesterday, Def Jam artist 2 Chainz earned gold certification for his single “No Lie” featuring Drake. This will be part of the track in his upcoming album Based On A T.R.U. Story, which will be released on August 14th.

Nas ‘Life is Good’ – Album Review

For fifteen years Nas has been an artist who creates bodies of work by pouring the raw emotions in his heart out over fresh hip hop beats. Several stand out songs on his teenage memoir Illmatic (1994) were geared towards his troubles, focusing on growing up in a hellish Queens housing project. ‘Life is Good’ (2012) is no exception.

Feature: The CommoNasm Project

The unusual name aside, the Miami-based TenDJiz’s talent and musical instincts are no laughing matter. His latest project, CommoNasm, is the third in his self-proclaimed “Soulviet Trilogy” of works…. In the case of CommoNasm, TenDJiz takes the next step by combining the vocal stylings of Nas and Common, who are two distinct names in hip hop.

Video: Kendrick Lamar & Best Coast Perform ‘No Make-Up (Her Vice)’

I’m sure many of you are familiar with Kendrick Lamar, he’s recieved a lot of attention over the past few years, for a streak of incredibly solid albums & great performances. Well, obviously, Lamar is part of the Hip-Hop spectrum. Where as, Best Coast, an indie band make heavily distorted pop. That seems like a collaboration that would never happen, right? You’re wrong.