Wednesday, August 23, 2017
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Artist Profiles: Art Mastermind XVI

One of Brooklyn's best keep secrets is fresh Art Mastermind Roosevelt Hewitt known as "XVI", has been the great design behind many of the industries top Branding in art. This Brooklyn native is known in the Art World for his extremely great Pieces of Inspirational art.

Exclusive Interview: Martika L.A

Martika L.A. will be presenting her first solo project soon, Fashion Nerrd got a chance to get a different perspective in this Exclusive Interview.

Interview Magazine: Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt talks politics, Tarantino and cockney accents in the latest issue of Interview magazine.

Nardwuar vs. 2 Chainz Interview

If you haven't heard of Nardwuar, you have go look him up on Youtube for his interviews.

Meek Mill & Lupe Fiasco Both Criticize Modern Rap Music

The subject is nothing new: Statements that denounce today's hip hop music as being soulless, mindless, and shallow are sentiments that are shared daily on message boards, social media networks, and the comments section of Youtube videos. Still, it's not a topic that today's musicians often comment on publicly, generally speaking.

Feature: On Set With Velous

Upcoming singer-songwriter Velous gives FN Magazine a brief interview while on set for his new music video with Lagato Shine and Mistah FAB.

Exclusive Interview: Rashida Rogers of Not Human Apparel

With a lot of hype around this brand I wouldn't expect a female to be in the mist, at least I'm sure a lot of people thought that. With Wale and Polo Kerber sporting the items, more then 10,000 likes on Facebook, a great fan base and customers ordering a piece every second the gorgeous Rashida Mona is behind it all. Can we finally say "Who run the world? Girls!"

Rihanna Covers Harper’s Bazaar

August's edition of Harper's Bazaar features one of the biggest pop stars of this generation. Rihanna graces the cover and in the pages to follow opens up to columnist Laura Brown about everything from her conservative love life to her now flat cake.

Odd Future BBC Newsnight Interview

I found this rather hilarious, & thought it was worth a share. Seeing as the OF hype doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon,...

Kid Super Interview

After seeing appearances of KidSuper clothing from Mac Miller, Billboard and this brand is moving its way up in the street culture world pretty quickly! The young designer Colm takes a moment out to tell us about the brand- high school days, blowjobs and going to clubs in sweat pants…

Ash Price – Interview

We got an opportunity to sit down with Ash Price, a rapper/producer/top guy and had a little chat for you lucky, lucky FN readers.

Stussy x Parra Collection Interview

The Stussy Spring 2012 collection includes a series of t-shirts by Dutch artist Parra. Parra is best known for his curved post-Pop imagery, highly...

Interview on the creator of Citizen Eco-Drive RING

An in-depth interview of the upcoming Citizen Eco-Drive Ring by its lead by Designer, Benjamin Cheng from Hong Kong, highlighting the depth and dimension of...

Interview with Artist Garrett Perry

Last week, I had the opportunity to sit down with Garrett Perry, an upcoming Minneapolis-based artist who is starting to make waves in the world of art. As I milled around the Perry Studios, I pitched Garrett some questions regarding his art, his life, and everything in between. Which, as it turns out, is a whole lot of fun. Below is most of the interview.

Collage Culture by Aaron Rose

Aaron Rose has played a pivotal role influencing and encouraging many of the leading names in the art world as we know it. Having...