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Designer Profiles: Vintage Mavens

Vintage Mavens is a South-Florida based apparel brand specializing in hand-picked vintage garments and designs, the company is run by Shareen Sarwar & local photographer Jorge Rubiera. Recently, we got the opportunity to do a brief Q&A with Shareen and wanted to share our findings.

Artist Profiles: Art Mastermind XVI

One of Brooklyn's best keep secrets is fresh Art Mastermind Roosevelt Hewitt known as "XVI", has been the great design behind many of the industries top Branding in art. This Brooklyn native is known in the Art World for his extremely great Pieces of Inspirational art.

Validation: Sitting Down With DJ/Producer ‘Panic City’

At least for DJs like Panic City, a memorable show isn't created by one's ruling over the crowd, but instead by dropping firebombs as a thank you for supercharging a genre that is essentially a granddaddy amongst music’s notable many.

A$AP Rocky Speaks to Miss Info About His Amazing 2012

Miss Info from Hot 97 recently got a chance to interview A$AP Rocky about the amazing year he has had in 2012 and also what we should except from him this upcoming year.

Exclusive Interview: Martika L.A

Martika L.A. will be presenting her first solo project soon, Fashion Nerrd got a chance to get a different perspective in this Exclusive Interview.

Mac Niffy Interview

As usual, I wore my poker face to listen to the performances the new artist presented, however that quickly changed when a New Orleans based artist began to control the stage

Jennah Bell Interview

Combining a big bowl of Funky-Bluegrass-Rock-Dub goodness with a hint of Hip-Hop, this soulful songstress had a moment to give this interview for FN

Exclusive Interview: Mike Lopez of GUAPSKE Clothing

When defining what constitutes as “streetwear,” it’s easy to take the term as literally a wearable translation of the streets. We can point to various t-shirt brands with excessively showy designs, synthesizing components of surf, military, and skate to a uniquely urban finish and categorize it as what youngsters, Japanese to American, have extracted from in keying their self expression.

Event recap: Artists Guarding Artists @ Family Business Gallery

A borderline homeless man waltzes in & announces, “I never seen anything like THIS before.” Hell yeah you haven’t. Welcome to the future.... What does the future look like? It’s that unpaid 20-something intern that calls themself an artist, regardless of the art establishment not having a place for them. Like a thorn in the paw of Chelsea, Family Business sits as an avant-garde project space. Its a walled off section of an established Chelsea gallery. It kind of reminds me of that one kid at the party dancing with all the old ladies. It kind of reminds me of myself.

Rei Interview

It would be a childhood football game against Mystikal and the entire No Limit staff, that would lead to Rei's inevitable rap career. Fast-forward to now and the New Orleans-born rapper has since released a handful of mixtapes, and performed with the likes of Drake, Kendrick Lamar and Curren$y.

Feature: On Set With Velous

Upcoming singer-songwriter Velous gives FN Magazine a brief interview while on set for his new music video with Lagato Shine and Mistah FAB.

Exclusive Interview: Rashida Rogers of Not Human Apparel

With a lot of hype around this brand I wouldn't expect a female to be in the mist, at least I'm sure a lot of people thought that. With Wale and Polo Kerber sporting the items, more then 10,000 likes on Facebook, a great fan base and customers ordering a piece every second the gorgeous Rashida Mona is behind it all. Can we finally say "Who run the world? Girls!"

Marc Jacobs Discusses, Smoking, Horrible Design and Art with German Interview

When young designers such as Marc Jacobs give interviews, it’s usually about how organic their design process is and how grateful they are for industry recognition. Which all may be true, but it doesn’t make for very exciting reading/watching sometimes.

Kid Super Interview

After seeing appearances of KidSuper clothing from Mac Miller, Billboard and this brand is moving its way up in the street culture world pretty quickly! The young designer Colm takes a moment out to tell us about the brand- high school days, blowjobs and going to clubs in sweat pants…

Ash Price – Interview

We got an opportunity to sit down with Ash Price, a rapper/producer/top guy and had a little chat for you lucky, lucky FN readers.