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Spotify Launched iPad App

Yes, it’s finally here. The app all us Spotify users have been waiting for is finally here. I’ll point out straight away, to avoid any complaints, that like the iPhone app, you need a premium account to use it.

The iPad app has been very much based on the desktop app but also converted into a style that is very reminiscent of the Twitter For iPad app, so if you use that a lot, you will feel right at home!

The app allows you to stream everything from Spotify’s hefty catalogue with a rather wonderful UI. You even get some of the normally desktop only features like reccomendations & top tracks!

The app is now on the App Store & can be downloaded here.

What do you guys think? Will you use it? Let us know in the comments!

“Paper” iPad App

I’ve seen this app all over my feeds the past couple of days. I decided to check it out. It’s rather brilliant.

“Paper” is an iPad app (like many) designed to make your iPad an apt replacement for a Notebook/Sketchbook. “Paper” however has one major benefit over the competition; simplicity.

The app is a free app, only coming with one brush. So, if you want to make use of the app you really have to purchase the other brushes at $2 each (there’s 4).

It’s nice to see developers making interesting & functional apps like this for a change.

Here’s a promo video –

Paper by FiftyThree from FiftyThree on Vimeo.

If you like it, pick it up on the App Store!

What do you guys think? Will you get it? Let us know in the comments!

Apple iPad 3 Event

Well, it’s nearly that time of year again. The time where all those once content buyers of iPad’s, feel all sad that they don’t have the latest model. Yes FNMag readers, an “iPad event” of sorts is being held on March 7th, and if tradition stays true, this is where the iPad 3 will be announced.

This is hopefully where all the specs and pricing etc will be revealed. As you can imagine, many people, myself included, will be waiting in much anticipation!

What do you guys think? Will you get one? Let us know in the comments!

Game controller for ipad and iphone

Video game junkies around the world have been brought a treat to complement Steve Job’s brainchild’s. Earlier last week tech firm iCade brought the masses an NES inspired controller for the ipad and iphone called “8-Bitty”. The controller connects to ipad and iphone via Bluetooth and works just like controllers from years past. Fans of sega genesis and Atari are sure to call this a holy grail imitation from the glory days. The list of compatible games is small but rapidly growing and can be found here. The idea of another device to carry around might be cumbersome in theory but reliving video game heydays is priceless compared with all upscale technology now.

8 Bitty game controller {focus_keyword} Game controller for ipad and iphone 8 bitty

Hardcore gamers who are tired of PlayStation and Nintendo handhelds who have become apple product converts are going to fall in love with this device. The 8-Bitty is standard to most video game controllers today with a directional pad, start/pause buttons and 4 action buttons. This is the closest thing a  gamer can hope for next to the remake of Sega genesis or Dreamcast.

The 8-Bitty is available now at Thinkgeek for 24.99.

(Photo via Pcmag.com)

Avid Studio iPad Application

Avid Technology have recently dropped their iPad app. For those of you unfamiliar, Avid Studio is a video editor very much in the style of iMovie.

However, when it comes to the iPad app, Avid Studio offers a lot more flexibility than iMovie, whilst still remaining just as easy to use.

All you social addicts out there will be happy as well, the app has in built export support for YouTube/FaceBook and a multitude of other social networks.

The app retails at $4.99, and is a steal at that price!

So, have any of you guys tried the app?

Let us know what you think in the comments!


Recently, Nike and Kobe Bryant sent to some trendsetters  an exclusive collection of Kobe VII inspired contents referred to as the Nike Kobe System “Success” Pack, which contains a distinctive backpack, an enclosed letter (from Kobe Bryant himself), an iPad, a pin and extremely detailed photos of design inspirations and preliminary sketches of the Kobe VII.


Cyclepedia App for the iPad

Having impressed already in printed format, Michael Embacher’s Cyclepedia has made a welcome release with this app for the iPad. Providing a greater insight into some of the most extraordinary and rare bicycles with interactive features allowing 360º spins of every bike, video features, original brochures, contemporary advertising, engineering drawings, rare illustrations and the ability to zoom into details up to 20x magnification to appreciate every component. Take a look at this video below, or simply buy the app.{focus_keyword} Cyclepedia App for the iPad Cyclepedia App for the iPad