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Collections +11 for Opening Ceremony iPhone 6 cases

+11 for Opening Ceremony iPhone 6 cases

Korean brand 11+ has collaborated with Opening Ceremony to produce a fabulous, but small, array of iPhone 6 cases. Each individual case features the Opening ceremony logo, which has been utilized quite often in Opening Ceremony collections.

Technology Alleged New Gold iPhone 5S Surface

Alleged New Gold iPhone 5S Surface

Rumored to be a move to attract the “coal bosses” of China — a familiar picture many know and relate to the affluent members of society who have derived their wealth off of natural resources . Over the past few weeks images have been surfacing of a potential Gold iPhone 5S. We’ll keep you updated on whether there is any truth behind all the blah blah.

“Roller Journal” iPhone App

Roller Journal asks you question’s, to help you with getting your thoughts down. Simple, but effective. By asking for instance “What are you looking forward to?

Technology Sparrow For iPhone

Sparrow For iPhone

Sparrow, for those unfamiliar is an email app which has been many a Mac user’s go-to app for a while.
Sparrow have finally released the accompanying iPhone app, and in terms of design, it’s rather brilliant!
With a slick UI & an intuitive way of viewing your mail, many users are already using Sparrow over the built in mail client.


I would just like to bring the site Society6 to your attention. What is Society6? I hear you ask. Well, Society6  is essentially an …

Landmarks & Lions Leather iPhone Wallet

The incredibly talented leather-smiths over at Landmarks & Lions (famed for their excellent wallets/passport holders) have recently released a range of iPhone 4/4S case/card holder’s …

Cyclepedia App for the iPad

Having impressed already in printed format, Michael Embacher’s Cyclepedia has made a welcome release with this app for the iPad. Providing a greater insight into …