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Fashion Twinsmatic Oh Boy

Twinsmatic Oh Boy

TWINSMATIC is a ying/yang duo that two french Paris based producers Julian and Nadeem have developed. This Oh Boy featured track found on their Sound Cloud includes samples clips of Aliyah, Timberland, and other hip hop threats.

Lana Del Ray for H&M: Video Campaign Preview

By now you’ve probably seen the first images of the Lana Del Ray for H&M Fall campaign. Ahead of it’s full premiere tomorrow (Sept 20th), here is the TV commercial of the video campaign, entitled ‘Blue Velvet’.

Entertainment Wishful Thinking The Event – Unite the biggest female alter egos on one stage

Wishful Thinking The Event – Unite the biggest female alter egos on one stage

What exactly would it take to unite the biggest female alter egos on one stage-showcasing new material collaboratively?

Allow me to to suggest: Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Rihanna & Lady Gaga.

Admittedly, I’d second-guess the idea of writing the fact that I’d been to a ladies concert even if I had- but that doesn’t keep me from being tantalized by the gyrating force that is Sasha Fierce. I can, however, admit that I peer at digital images staring into Katy Perry’s eyes and I’m not completely sure if she’s human- Nicki has reluctantly morphed into an actual anime Illustration- and I’m overall convinced that Lady Gaga is a chosen spawn sent to engulf us all with her gospel.. Not that sensationalism pursues Rihanna… I just believe she’s popular. I couldn’t be lonesome in my wandering thoughts could I?

Chris Lighty: A Different Scope

Resourceful Hip Hop mogul Chris lightly was found dead Thursday August 30th- at approximately 11:30 am by police, inside his south River Dale apt (Bronx, New York) next to the supposed suicide gun.