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Art News Artist Profiles: Art Mastermind XVI

Artist Profiles: Art Mastermind XVI

One of Brooklyn’s best keep secrets is fresh Art Mastermind Roosevelt Hewitt known as “XVI”, has been the great design behind many of the industries top Branding in art. This Brooklyn native is known in the Art World for his extremely great Pieces of Inspirational art.

Winter Shades of Grey 2013

Could Shades of Grey really be the New Black? Designers are stepping out this Winter 2013 to show the unique and chic way to wear your Greys. In Europe this season designers such as Dolce & Gabanna, Marni’s Mohair, Gianfranco Ferre and Calvin Klein have showcased their collection at Milan’s Mens fashion week this winter.

Classick Solez Sneaker Convention with MMG Stalley

Classick Solez Sneaker Convention took place here at Zanger Hall in New York with special guest Artist from Maybach Music Group Stalley. vendors were set up with booths that consisted of everything from sneaker collections, streetwear brands, and even an accessories line that consisted of just watches.

Dead Heart Has Done It Again

“Dead Heart NYC” is known for it’s leather goods and accessories being made from a basement in Brooklyn. But the two 16 year olds Max and Cyrus have came, saw and conquered when it comes to creating the coolest pins in the world.

Chris Lighty: A Different Scope

Resourceful Hip Hop mogul Chris lightly was found dead Thursday August 30th- at approximately 11:30 am by police, inside his south River Dale apt (Bronx, New York) next to the supposed suicide gun.

A$AP Ferg – Work

What can possibly be better than making a name for yourself in the rap game? That’s an easy one, putting your team on of course. A$AP Rocky has slowly but surely taken the internet by storm with raunchy Bone Thugs-esque lyrics unorthodoxly combined with his New York demeanor and attitude.

Jasmine Solano – Cruisin’ (Video)

Underground raptress, Jasmine Solano has released visuals for her song “Cruisin”. Solano is also a DJ and all-around go getter in the gritty streets of New York.

Art News Event recap: Artists Guarding Artists @ Family Business Gallery

Event recap: Artists Guarding Artists @ Family Business Gallery

A borderline homeless man waltzes in & announces, “I never seen anything like THIS before.” Hell yeah you haven’t. Welcome to the future…. What does the future look like? It’s that unpaid 20-something intern that calls themself an artist, regardless of the art establishment not having a place for them. Like a thorn in the paw of Chelsea, Family Business sits as an avant-garde project space. Its a walled off section of an established Chelsea gallery. It kind of reminds me of that one kid at the party dancing with all the old ladies. It kind of reminds me of myself.

Food & Drink: Chobani SoHo Yogurt Bar

Have you ever tried Greek yogurt? It’s both healthy and delicious, two qualities which have it rapidly becoming one of America’s favorite dessert snacks. Last Wednesday, fans of the product both old and new had reason to celebrate, because yogurt manufacturer Chobani opened their first yogurt bar in New York City’s SoHo district.